EnergyTransformers™ collects agricultural residuals from plantations and uses a (patented) torrefaction /pyrolysis technology to transform these into BioCoal and BioChar.

By reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and lowering energy’s carbon footprint, and by introducing innovative technologies and creating employment, EnergyTransformers™ shows that best business practice can go hand in hand with a healthier environment and greater sustainability.

EnergyTransformers™ owns a production facility in Penang and has offices in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore and Rotterdam. In 2017 a new plant will be built in Thailand.


We transform residuals of agricultural activities into energy and soil enhancers. We procure, produce and provide BioCoal and BioChar. We are EnergyTransformers™”

Energy Transformers

Meent 93C | 3011 JG Rotterdam | The Netherlands